At the heart of Brand Advisory lies the relationship between Advisor and the Company, formed through the daily observation and analysis of business at every level. The result is the growth of company image and the captivation of the market’s attention through the movement of product.

No one simple process exists, as every business has varying needs and objectives. Firstly, one must understand the message which the company wishes to convey to the outside.

My father, an entrepreneur, would often throw dinner parties for friends and colleagues. As a child, I loved to attend. One evening, a colleague complained to my father about the poor reception of his own high-quality, artisanal products. My father asked him how he could change this, and the gentleman said, “through word of mouth”. My father replied: "This way they shall know that you are earnest and honest, not that you are unique." This is something I shall never forget.

It is necessary to demonstrate the unique nature of the products and services offered if a company is to create a strong position for itself, not only in relation not to its competition, but also in building customer loyalty.

In Brand Advisory, one must be relentlessly observant, highly informed, creative, eclectic and transversal. Knowledge of communications and graphic design is vital, as is staying alert to the strategic use of SEO; one must dedicate time to the proper analysis of data.

A friend of my mother would only ever buy designer items. Her reasoning was simple: If one found there were problems with a product, the company would listen because they had built a reputation worth defending.