A brand is the token sign or mark of a company, held under the protection of a property title, which is vital in distinguishing one’s own products and services from those of another.

(Source: Treccani Encyclopaedia )

Therefore, a brand will not become automatically valued or recognised in any market. Instead, reputation must be deliberately and carefully constructed. This is where we come in.

Creating an identity is a long and complex process, which requires an entirely original, tailored approach. A Brand Advisor will build a relationship with a company and its collaborators founded on years of experience and an objective understanding of the company’s characteristics. Through this, we come to know what makes a company truly unique.


When we talk about Human Resources, we often refer to personnel management.

"Great vision without great people is irrelevant”
(Jim Collins)

In reality, personnel management is a far broader concept, covering everything from motivation, commitment to participation in the growth of the company.

There are countless examples of those who have done poorly at the job they were trained for, and of those who have done great things by changing direction after realising what they really wanted to do. Placing a person in the right role in a company is often not a matter of CVs, but of assessing the individual's skills on the basis of aptitude for one activity rather than another. We spend too great a proportion of our lives working for it not to be in the right way.


To work in Public Relations is the art of developing relationships in order to bring institutions, companies and people together.

Few people know that the first theorist of PR was Sigmund Freud’s American nephew…

Public Relations are not simply about throwing great dinners and parties. It's about sensing the needs of people you don't know and, and broadening your connection network, through the process of more natural and genuine encounters.